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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Socks That Became A Bag

Today I put the finishing touches on a bag that began its life a few years ago as a pair of socks.

My dear fiber friend showed me how to cast on and knit with double points, and I began my first pair of socks. After knitting for awhile with a traditional sock yarn and getting the hang of managing the double pointed needles that seemed to be everywhere at once, I was ready to knit my socks.

I chose a handspun yarn, a mix of mohair and wool, dyed in muted colors of mauve, blue, and brown. Having been cautioned by the spinner that her handspun singles were intended for weaving, not knitting, I decided to solve that problem by plying two strands together. So, taking my yarn in hand, and using the same double pointed needles that had worked very well with the tiny sock yarn, I embarked on my journey. Not having the slightest notion of how to turn a heel, I chose a pattern that did not require one. I persisted throughout the ordeal of knitting a bulky yarn with needles that were more suited to lace work. Yes, I did produce two socks. Had they not been so uncomfortable in the toe area, they possibly would have served as bedroom shoes. So thick were they, that no shoes in my considerable shoe collection would fit over them. Oh well, I told myself that I had gained experience, albeit at a rather high cost, in terms of money and time.

Earlier this year, I pulled out my socks and decided to unravel all that wonderful handspun and change directions. The result is this bag, knitted in stockinette, then felted. The handles are i-cord, the button is from a coat bought many years ago in Italy. Although I love to collect pottery buttons and other unique fastenings, my stash did not contain the color needed.

Just an example of how we sometimes take a winding path, eventually ending up in the right place, even if it was not where we intended to go. Remind me to tell you about the hat that became a bowl.....


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