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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Giving Thanks for Gifts

Last night as I as winding my laceweight mohair off the bobbin on to the niddy noddy to steam and set the twist I began admiring my stash. I know there are other fibre artists out there that can relate and possibly enjoy this activity from time to time. I love to just run my hands through my stash periodically, dreaming of projects that will do it justice. I came across a gift my Godmother gave me recently. I remember when she gave me this brown paper bag full of fibre that she had been given several years ago and asked if I could use it. What was visible was in questionable condition but as I put my hand down into the bag, reaching down below what was visible and feeling something so soft and luxurious that before I knew it I exclaimed, "Oh my God", giving thanks for what I knew I had found, but you can imagine my embarrassment finding I was within earshot of the class just breaking up and our Priest was teaching. He inquired if anything was wrong and I had to have him put his hand into the bag and feel how wonderful it was. He knows how much my fibre crafts mean to me and indulged me my excitement.

What I had found below was a large quantity of soft and luxurious angora fibre. Knowing what I had here I had to ask her if she was sure she wanted me to have this wonderful treasure. I told her I would be happy to teach her how to spin but as Abbess of a local Orthodox Monastery she has resigned to the fact that she may never have time to learn and wanted me to put it to good use.

I gave some to my fibre sister, we share everything, and am resisting the temptation to just spin it up and run with it, using it for the next project I find, but I want to be sure I use it wisely. I want to save it for something special.

My last visit to the Monastery I was brushing one of the dogs and collected quite a bit of downy fibre. I brought it home and spun it up. I was pleasantly surprised how well it spun and the nuns continue to bring me what fibre they collect when they groom her. I hope to weave a nice Icon scarf with it.

As I look at these gifts I have to give thanks where it is due, perhaps better not to offer it by thoughtlessly blurting it out as I did when I first reached into the bag, but a bit more privately, sincerely, mindfully.....

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