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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lacework project cont....

After allowing the mohair to dry on the niddy noddy over night I wound it into a ball using the ballwinder, which I have found to be very helpful. I used to wind the yarn into a ball manually or onto a nostepinde, which is quite effective, resulting in a centre pull ball as with the ball winder, but much slower. I checked the gauge once again and am getting between 20 and 21 w.p.i. so it is not as thin as I had hoped but not too bad for my first attempt.

There are a few projects I have in mind. But before I attempt an Orenburg shawl I think I might try a pattern from
Knitty.com. They have a nice free pattern section of some unique projects. I encourage you to check them out. If you are looking for something out there or unusual check out thier "Whimsies" section.

The particular pattern I hope to try is called
Branching Out. Still, don't hold me to it. I have been know to change my mind several times before possibly coming back to the very same pattern or choosing another. Just ask my fibre sister, my mantra should be "when in doubt, rip it out"....

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