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Monday, November 06, 2006

Projects in the Mix

I was once, until most recently, one of those "one project at a time" knitters, faithful to the project in hand and would never think of starting anything else until the work was off the needles. This, however, would result, more times than not, in me becoming bored with the monotony of the pattern which would take the fun out of my work, and even stifle my creativity as I became obsessed with finishing quickly to start another. This is especially true when working a lace project, which can become interminably tedious, when ones creativity should be paramount. But there is something in my nature that keeps me allegiant toward any task I take on, to see it through to the end without distraction, which may be commendable in certain respects but surely not essential in knitting.

Fighting this nature in matters that are not life threatening or disloyal, has taught me that not only can it result in being more productive, but also very freeing, especially in the creative vein. Productive in that different projects are more conducive for certain environments. For instance, Saturday tea, distracted happily, by great conversation with my mother and sisters, attentive to the various antics of their children and grandchildren I am still able to work on something that requires no real thought like the watch cap I am knitting for dh. Then when I find myself at home alone enjoying one of those rare quiet times, that's the best time for working on the Orenburg lace that requires full attention.

I recently picked up Interweave Knit's Holiday Gifts issue and found an interesting pattern that falls in between the two afore mentioned projects in degree of difficulty. The Twilight Lace Wrap is fairly easy knit until you reach the star cluster stitch that requires momentary concentration. This is my first attempt at this unique stitch as well as the first time using a crocheted provisional cast-on, as this wrap is worked in two halves. The pattern, in my opinion, was not as clear on instructions as it might have been, especially when addressing the star cluster design and the chart. I have worked with many charts when knitting lace projects but this one was really written with quite a few assumptions that the knitter is a mind reader. Still the wrap is very pretty and worth the effort in trying to figure out what they aren't real clear on. Once worked out it is fairly easy to knit.


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