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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Recent Sunday Spin-in

Last Sunday we were able to find time to get together for a much needed spin-in. Summers, as wonderful as they are, come and go before you know it. Gardening, trips on the river and other activities fill each day so that time seems to speed up so, that I always look forward to fall when life begins to move at a slower pace and the cooler weather puts me in the mood for working with heavier fibres like wool, mohair, llama etc. There is nothing better to help unwind from a busy season than getting together with fibre friends.

Recently a knitter, whom I met online and found out lived quite close to EM, expressed an interest in getting together for a spin-in. She had some experience with drop spindles but none on a wheel. EM and I were most happy to meet another fibreholic. She arrived, bringing her spindles and some rovingg she acquired from a recent trip up north and very quickly picked up spinning on the kiwi spinning wheel. Instruction was primarily focused on treadling since she had pretty much mastered drafting working with her spindles. She was so impressed at how much faster it was to produce yarn on a wheel vs drop spindle she, or her dh, quickly began researching wheels online.

Usually always smiling EM was suffering with a bad toothache from some recent dental work which also prevented her from participating much. She did bring a knitting project, another colourful bag, I will say it again she has such a wonderful talent for colour. I was busy overwhelming our new fibre sister with the many spinning and weaving tools, along with what little instruction she needed on the wheel and snapping a few pics that I did not have time to work on anything myself but all in all it was a very productive and relaxing time and I look forward to our next spin-in.



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