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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Off the Loom

I finally cut the last piece off the 4 harness floor loom. I had just enough warp left to make a bread cover which I gave my Godmother for her upcoming birthday. She is an Abbess of a local monastery, originally from Texas so I thought that the SantaFe Mission pattern would be appropriate and remind her of home.

I have no picture of the final piece to offer but as reference for this discussion I refer to the picture offered on a previous posting (the SantaFe Tea Towel) and note that I was only some what satisfied with the result. I tried to select colors that would best represent that part of the country but I feel that the colors may have not offered enough contrast to afford the pattern enough distinction. You can just barely make out the crosses. If I ever use this pattern again I will choose a more contrasting weft.

I enjoy creating projects of a religious persuasion or articles specifically for worship or devotion. One of my sisters is making a devotional table for her son and has asked me to create a cover for it from fibre my from my angora goats. During my last visit to the monastery I was brushing one of the dogs that have taken up residence there and collected a good bit of fibre and will attempt an icon scarf.

When working on items for people I know I like to pray, recite scripture and or listen to spiritual music as I work in an effort to transfer, or leave a signature, I talked a little about this in the earlier "Signature" discussion , of something sacred for that person. If nothing else it is a form of prayer which lends itself as my love to them. That may sound a bit "out there" by some, but for those of us who understand, surely it can't hurt.



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