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Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Lace Knitter's Library

The following books, listed below, are what I feel, IMHO, to be some of the more impotant resources for lace knitters. I am sure there are many more books on this topic and I in no way mean to insinuate they are not important, only that out of those I have had the pleasure of reading these are the ones that I felt I just had to have.
These titles can be found at Amazon.com and by clicking on the title you will be taken there in case you would like to acquire a copy for your library.

Gossamer Webs
by Galina Khmeleva

I remember the first time I saw an Orenburg shawl displayed at a local fibre fair. It was so delicate looking I was afraid to touch it. It was one of the most beautiful items I have ever seen and I just had to learn how to create one of my own.

This book not only offers some of the history, folklore and even a glimpe into the lives of the women who continue to produce this beautiful art in a small area of Russia that shares it's name, the author also offers instruction on how to knit and get started in creating your own patterns combining the 10 essential pattern elements.

Gossamer Webs Design Collection
by Galina Khmeleva

This book offers the patterns for 3 Orenburg shawls to knit. A nice way to get started if you don't feel comfortable in trying to create your own pattern quite yet.

Heirloom Knitting
by Sharon Miller

Ms. Miller has done a wonderful job offering the history as well as instruction on shetland lace heirloom knitting. She also helps the knitter to create their own heirloom projects. Shetland lace like Orenburg, was developed in a small community (the Shetland islands in this case) of knitters, discovered and highly treasured, now, worldwide.

Knitting Lace
by Susanna Lewis

Unfortunately this book is no longer in print but you can find people willing to part with used copies at auctions like "half.com and ebay". The prices reflect this book's importance. I have seen it listed as high as $300.00 at used book stores online. While I agree this is a wonderful book I can't believe that people can sell this paperback at such an inflated price and feel good about it.

I was able to acquire a copy on an ebay auction for under $100.00 with shipping and handling charges included and this is what you will find most go for there. While still expensive at that price I felt it was worth it because of the extensive instruction on technique and keys to 91 lace patterns represented in a 19th century sampler decifered and offered in this treasure. The author instructs not only on written patterns but also how to read, understand and create your own charts on both hand and machine knitted patterns. She also includes 4 complete projects, a shawl, sweater, sox and a girl's dress.



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