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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Little C's Sweater

My neice and her husband made, with God's blessing, a beautiful baby boy whom they named Christian. I decided that this blessed event would be a great time to try my hand and making a sweater. You can imagine how anxious I was being that this was my first attempt and that it would be for such a speacial person.

I spun some mohair from my goats and plyed it with some comercially verigated dyed mohair roving that I also handspun. The two together, as you can see, produced a wonderful choice yarn for a baby boy.

The sweater is a Raglan and after knitting, in my opinion the best choice for anyone's first attempt. I am so glad my mother stopped me before I committed myself to the pattern I had picked out and suggested I try a raglan instead. For those of you that are new to knitting, raglan sweaters are knitted so that the arms do not need to be sewn on, which means, no trying to match seams. I can only imagine how much aggrevation that saved me.

I was pretty pleased at the finished product save that, not having Little C for a model, he was still safely tucked away in his mother at the time, I misjudged the cuffs. They are a bit too small and now having tried it on him after he came home, it is apparent that I will have to alter the openings to accomodate his hands.



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