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Monday, January 30, 2006

Lace Project...part 3

I started with a nice lace scarf from the collection of patterns I have acquired over the years, some off of the internet, others from yearly visits to SAFF and others from places like Patternworks and Elann.com, two of my favorite catalogue sites, to begin my first real lacework project. Unfortunately I ran into a problem deciphering the instructions around the 6th row. I even posted to a lace discussion group and they could not figure out what it was instructing. My last hope was having my mother look at it and even she was confused. If she can't figure it out there is no hope. No matter, I have quiet a few beautiful patterns that I was trying to decide from and this is just one process of elimination, so I ripped out my work so far, and we all know I have long since lost the fear of ripping... and I chose another.

This particular pattern was offered by elann.com and seems more user friendly. That is to say that someone like me that is new to lace knitting is able to work it out without difficulty. I am using the lace weight mohair I spun, (see Lacework Project cont... below)and as you can see it seems to be working very well. I am having some difficulty putting it down because I am anxious to see the design become more real with each row. I know I will be pleased.

One of my favorite aspects of knitting, and there are many, is the company. I love getting together with others to knit, share, laugh and relax. And when I am home alone I have a knitting partner. He does not talk much but he does hum me a beautiful song that I find most relaxing. That is when he is lying quietly next to me, leaving my yarn be.

He always expresses and interest in any of my various fibre activities. He is especially fond of watching me wind yarn from my swift onto a ball winder. I can just see him getting dizzy as his head goes around and around as the swift spins.

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