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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Wonderful World of Mathematics

I remember growing up how adament my father was that I understand the importantance of mathematics. He told me that I would need these skills through out life. He saw to it that I took every class my high school offered, fortunately I either had a talent for math or I was able to catch on quickly. I suspect it was the former rather than the latter because I was able to see, right away, equations in many activities that one would not ordinarily equate with math. For me it is evident when solving puzzles, learning languages, including html, gardening, as well as the more obvious. I have to admit, this is a case where father knew best as I have found that math has indeed been more thatn just convenient in many aspects of my life, especially in my nursing career.

Knitters find out right away that there is a certain amount of math involved in creating a project, calculating how much yarn will be needed, how many stitches to increase or decrease, etc. but for me, I see clearly maths presence in lacework. With each row I complete, and so far there haven't been many, I can visualize, in my minds eye, equations and their embodiment, and it is indeed most beautiful.

I have written a few articles on the spiritual side of fibre art. The meditative aspects, the aesthetics, the sheer delight of creating with one's hands, the admiration to name a few. When one speaks of spirituality, beauty is very easy to envision. Who knew math could be beautiful also......still, it didn't seem quite as beautiful while struggling, nearly 30 minutes last night, on the same row, searching for that illusive stitch that threw the whole equation off.

Addendum: Speaking of "Spirituality" yesterday was my name's day. In Orthodox tradition I celebrated by being blessed at the end of Liturgy and am reminded of how Saint Melangell sacrificed for God and what I need to do to try to emulate her in my effort, and hope, to become righteous.
I suspect some would read this and question what this has to do with fibre art. Why I would feel the need to bring this up. But I also suspect that anyone who enjoys any kind of art at any level, if only by appreciating it at a distance, can feel their spiritual side stir and for those, like me, who's faith is an important part of thier life, it has every thing to do with it.



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