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Monday, February 13, 2006

Another Sunday Spin-In

We had another short Spin-In Sunday and my fibre sister has so many wonderful projects going on. Spin-ins are a wonderful means for inspiring each other by sharing projects and bouncing ideas off each other. Not to mention drinking good tea and discussing friends and family.

As I work on my lace project it is becoming apparent that this is going to be slow work. So I am plan to put it down from time to time and work on the other projects that have been put on the back burner, and perhaps start a few new ones. I am not sure if I am as good at multitaksing as my EM but I will try to learn from her, that's what we do, teach each other.

I really need to work on the tea towels that are on the loom so I can get it off. I need to spin up some more lace weight mohair to finish the scarf I am working on, I want to dye some merino and perhaps some mohair with some cochineal I bought at SAFF last October. I would like to make me a nice mobeus or head scarf for Liturgy, Orthodox women cover their heads when worshiping, and finally get started on an Icon scarf for my Godmother using fibre I spun from one the dogs that took up residence and the monastery.

So many plans, so much fibre and plenty of enthusiasm, it is a shame that I haven’t the time to match.



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