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Saturday, March 18, 2006


I started out using what is becoming one of my favorite brand of needles, Bryspun, on the Orenburg Shawl pattern. It called for 2mm or smaller. Since I had nothing that small I had to order them, needles that small are usually metal because wood and/or plastic will break easily at that gauge. I had pulled away from using metal needles some years ago and it is becoming evident why with every stitch. Beside being cold, hard and unfriendly, which makes them very uncomfortable to work with, the stitches slip off the tips so readily. Still I am determined to keep working with them in hopes to become more proficient and eventually,.....perhaps....dare I hope to adapt. Somehow I suspect, however, frustration will rear it's ugly head before that happens and convince me to end up modifying patterns to allow a little larger Bryspun.



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