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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tax Refund

I can be fairly confident, in conjecture, that I am not the only fibre artist who knew exactly what she/he wanted to do with any monies received this year, in the form of tax refunds, that were left after other financial obligations were met. In point of fact I, personally, had already started a wish list while waiting for the check to arrive. This is the result.

As mentioned in previous entries, I work almost exclusively with mohair, which I love dearly, but while I am still trying to master spinning lace weight I decided to purchase a few skeins of fibres I have no access to via my spinner's herd. My first stop, shopping the internet, was Knit Picks for some wonderful colours of lace weight alpaca and merino from their "Alpaca Cloud" and "Shadow" lines, respectively. I also purchased several small sizes of single point Bryspun needles (displayed in the large basket with the yarns). Sizes used for working with lace weight. A needle I have found to be very comfortable to work with for my painful hands. Bryspun are light weight, warm, and the points are tapered to make those more complicated stitches easier to manage. I highly recommend them to anyone who absolutely refuses to give up knitting no matter how painful they find it.

I also found a wonderful seller on eBay from whom I bought a cone of lovely light blue-ish 100% cashmere (the picture does not do the colour justice) and some cobweb weight light cream colour cashmere. Both were wonderful finds and I look forward to doing business with Richard at Colourmartuk in the future. He was very helpful and the product arrived surprisingly quick for having to come from overseas.

Included, also, in the basket above is some nice light sage lace weight merino also found on eBay and some novelty yarn picked up on sale here and there at local shops. Something to have on hand for that splash of colour or texture on future projects. All this fibre, and needles also, were very reasonable which made it possible for someone like me who's mad money is limited, but every once in a while you have to splurge a bit.



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