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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ok so looking at this picture, comparing it to the previous post, it really does not look like I got much done but production is not always visible by the naked eye. There have been quite a few realizations in these 6 or so inches, which can be very productive.

My first realization was that working with lace weight and small needles it is a little difficult keeping the tension constant, especially when you knit continental as I do. I had to tear out a bit to try to get a more even tension and a more uniformed piece of trimwork. Good lighting is a must and I suggest buying a pair of reading glasses that are just a little stronger than what you use for reading. Finally, and this is the biggest or should I say the most valuable realization, so far, is this, as the night progresses and you begin to feel fatigued, don't try for that elusive, "just one more row and then I am putting it away" because it isn't going to happen. What does happen is that it will cost you about 5 rows of tinking. I am not sure what happens but suddenly you note something is not quite right....well it can't be that bad, everything was ok until this row....and indeed it is easy enough to find, so just go back a couple of stitches....and then it happens... mix one missed stitch, and take my word for it, it will show up, with fatigue and it begins to grow and grow, then finally manifesting itself into some hiddeous monster that zapps all your energy and you end up going to bed frustrated and drained.

But then you pick the needles back up the next day, refreshed, and that monstrosity doesn't seem so hiddeous after all.



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