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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It has been some time since I have directed any energy to this forum but until just recently I had decided to concentrate on all things Lent. Then after Pascha comes the glorious first days of gardening. Now that there are only a few minor touches needed ornamentally, and until dh gets the ground tilled for the veggies, I have some time for fibre again.

I managed to finish a nice length of lace trim and feel that I am getting the hang of knitting lace. At least I am doing less tinking and more knitting. It took a little longer than I had expected but anything worth doing is worth doing right and you get what you put into it. Lacework, in my opinion, can't be rushed.

I started out with a pattern I thought would be good for a headcovering but I think I may have chosen one that may be a little too ambitious. It's never good to allow one's ego free reign. Tearing it out and rethinking things a bit, I have chosen a more appropriate pattern for my skill level.

Now let's see how well things progress.



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