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Saturday, June 17, 2006


As I continue weaving the Santa Fe tea towel, I only have approximately 30-40 rows left and can hardly wait to finally get that project off the loom...completely, I remain mindful of the need to knit a row, here and there, on the lace headcovering so I don't loose the feel for it. I have learned through experience not to let a project lie unattended for any length of time, especially knitting, or you run the risk of losing your familiarity with it. This may sound strange to some but I suspect most artists/craftsmen can relate, that through the act of creating your work becomes alive in a sense. You imprint your psychosomatic signature if you can get my meaning. These impressions dictate your physical manipulation, how much tension you employ, the speed in which you work and of course the attention you give it. If a project is put aside long enough you will find yourself in a different place and suddenly you are working in a completely different light. How much does this really effect a project? Just ask a knitter, or any fibre artist for that matter, how important it is to keep tension consistent.

So here is a picture of the first 14 rows. I suspect it is going to be a little wide, as you may be able to tell from the chart, but I can use it for a stole also. As I mentioned in a previous post I have modified a shawl pattern by cutting out, then piecing together certain constellations of choice to suit my plan.

Again I am using Alpaca Cloud from Knit Picks which I have found to really do well in holding up through a few tinking and ripping session in earlier, "practice", attempts.



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