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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Projects Lost, Another Started

As I mentioned in the previous post our new furbaby, Onida, had tried her hand/teeth at knitting awhile back, resulting in me loosing more than one knitting project, including the Azalea bed jacket as well as a knitted cross sample that I had intended to display on the front of a card, both of which I ended up having to rip out. I am not sure when or if I will re-attempt these projects but in the meantime I have decided to start, in their stead, an afghan (the Tree of Life ) that I found on the Mary Maxim site that they were offering as one of their free patterns.

Recently, while inventorying my stash I found about 10 skeins of Superwash Bamboo (the light green on the right shown with merino lace also available at Elann) I purchased some time back from Elann. At the time they were running a sale and I was able to pay next to nothing for this number of skeins, but even when not on sale they are priced very reasonable.

I am not real sure what I had in mind when I purchased this many skeins originally but it will be perfect for this project and while I am a little apprehensive, starting a project this size with all the others I currently have in progress I feel confident that with spring on it's way, it is in the 70's today, I should have plenty of time to finish this afghan before I have any real need for it next winter.

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