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Monday, February 25, 2008

Projects completed

I finally finished my dear husband's socks in October, just in time for winter. As I mentioned here in an earlier post I thought it would be fine, after completing one sock, to set the project aside and work on something else during the summer months since he would not need them until the weather turned colder. Again, as mentioned earlier, I had not taken in account that I had modified the pattern a bit, minor adjustments that ordinarily would not have caused any concern if not for the time lapse between socks. It was fairly easy enough to match the socks as I worked on the mate, by continually placing them side by side. The result so close that if there were any discrepancies in the knitted rows they weren't noticeable, especially since the self patterning effect camouflaged any purled rows that may not have been precisely placed. Still it was aggravating to have to regularly pause to match the two visually. When all was said and done, though, I was pleased with my first sock project and more importantly my husband loves them.
People who don't know any better, not having had the opportunity to ever experience handmade socks, will argue that the time and expense put into knit socks is not worth it when you can run to Wal-mart and purchase a pair for next to nothing. And after my first sock knitting adventure I may have found it hard to defend the effort but after trying my husband's socks on, appreciating the custom fit and comfort hand knitted socks offer, I know now, and my dh agrees, you just can't compare the two. In point of fact I am already fantasizing about my next pair, this time for me. I may try knitting them on 2 pair of circular needles instead of dpn on my next attempt. One of the ladies in our guild is currently knitting both socks at once on circular needles, and I may consider that technique if not too complicated.....still there are a few other projects I would like to finish before my next sock adventure.

One of the projects I worked on during the sock hiatus was a scarf idea instigated from a picture I noticed while thumbing through a magazine at a local bookstore. I can't remember which magazine and I was afforded only a brief viewing but it looked like it was knitted using two different needle sizes. When I got home, not having the pattern, I tried several sizes finally choosing two I thought would express themselves appealingly with the lace weight mohair yarn I wanted to work with. I alternated the sizes using a size 6 US knitting twice as many rows as I would when switching to size 11 US. I sewed some nice silver Celtic knot buttons on both ends for a different kind of decorative edging when worn like most scarves. Or by adding crocheted button holes, small enough to be hidden by the buttons on one end it could be wrapped around the neck like a muffler then buttoned, the two rows of buttons coming together, side by side offering a nice decorative closure. This scarf knitted up very quickly, and proved to be one of those projects that you can work on anywhere as little attention is needed. I was pleased with the results but I notice that larger stitches snagged easily with the lace weight mohair yarn. If I ever use this pattern effect again I probably will choose a larger weight yarn that won't snag and pull so easily.



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