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Saturday, August 25, 2007

How Many is too Many?

I remember a time, not so long ago, when I would limit myself to one project at a time, focusing on nothing else, until completed. Fearing any deviation from the adventure I currently undertook, would result in me loosing my way. Until I began to realize that the monotony, of any large project, would cause it to become a real chore, which, in turn, would incite me to rush through to finish . Was I really doing that project any justice? I could almost visually detect the urgency in my work, and stress, manifesting in many different forms, never lends to anything good.

Reluctantly at first, when I found myself bored with one more, yet unfinished project, I started work on something completely different. Since I enjoy many different kinds of fibre adventures (spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, felting)....I could find some real variety going back and forth between, say knitting and embroidery, or spinning etc. Soon I found myself surrounded. In nearly every room in my home you could find something lying about that I was working on, but had not quite finished, a nice celtic cross project on the tapestry loom, several spools of different kinds of yarns I am spinning for various projects, a pair of socks for dh, an Orenburg lace headcovering I have been working on for some time, a bedjacket I have ripped out more than once, a knitted gift for my Godmother, which I won't announce until I have given it to her when I visit the Monastery next month, and an embroidered Pascha basket cover and small crewel piece. But now I am beginning to see by working on so many, a little at a time, has really slowed progress.

I am not quite sure which course is best, going back to one project at a time or, trying to limit myself to a managable number that can be completed in a timely manner, I suspect the latter, but until those I am actively working on now are complete it is going to be a bit difficult to get a handle on just how many are too many.

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