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Friday, January 19, 2007

Cashmere Christmas

I had, what I will always remember as, a Cashmere Christmas. I took advantage of my dmil's generously and stocked up on some really nice colours of lace weight cashmere. Richard's company , "ColourMartUK" started out on eBay and has been such a big hit that he has been able to expand and open an online store outside eBay. His prices are very competitive and he is a real joy to work with in that he will do what he can, within reason of course, to be sure you receive quality product and service. I was a little hesitant to order out of country, not sure when it would arrive and what the cost would be for shipping but each time I have had the pleasure of doing business with him my order has arrived in a timely manner, without any complications. Even though I am a handspinner periodically I like to skip the spinning step for what ever reason and move on to knitting or weaving. It may be that I have no resource for a certain fibre I want for a project or I am just in a hurry to get started. I would be hard pressed to find cashmere of that quality and in such a wide variety of colours at the price he offers his yarn

I chose shades I normally don't work with in an attempt to stifle my fear of bold colours. Ordinarily I work, almost exclusively, with natural muted shades. Either the colours our Creator gifted the animal, whose fibre I am working with or, as a natural dyer, the consequent colours produced in a natural dyebath of plant materials, using less offensive mordants like vinegar, alum, cream of tartar which, though more benign. do not lend itself to producing more intense hues. These will offer an exercise in colour, a talent that seems to be second nature for EM, my fibre sister, but for me it can be very intimidating. Trying to work out what colours work well with each other, either complimenting one another or even....collide with grace"...so to say is not as easy as I thought it would be until I started creating my own projects. Though a little scary I intend to have some fun with them. How can one not have fun working with such heavenly fibre.

When searching for the picture of cashmere that precedes this short article above to upload for this entry I came across this one and thought I would offer a peek into a typical evening at home. While dh is usually sitting with his laptop and I am participating in something fibre or reading scripture the furbabies, who normally pretend to suffer each other's company, nevertheless seem to gravitate to one another as the day concludes.

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