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Saturday, November 18, 2006

First Unofficial Guild meet

Last Sunday, after Divine Liturgy, EM and I met with a few ladies whom we have been communicating, via email, since just before our State Fair demonstration, that have approached us expressing interest in forming a guild. With my Priest's blessing we met in our "fellowship hall" for lack of a better word, where we were afforded lots of room to spread out, which will be a great asset for future meetings, as the tools, a prerequisite in fibre adventures, are multifarious, in quantity as well as shape and sizes and more times than not requires lots of elbow room to work with. Location will be another factor, as quite a few of us are geographically challenged (residing in neighbouring towns). Fortunately the Church is centrally located.

The meeting was very productive, even though only about half were able to make it, in that we managed to get organized, formulate a plan and delegate duties required to form a guild, something EM and I have been dreaming about for years. Everyone was eager to step up and offer their time, which I personally found very promising. It is a great joy to work, together, with a group where everyone is willing to help out. I can already tell this is going to be a tremendous guild. With everyone coming together, willing to do their share. And each of us has so much to bring to the table. We are all creative, and more importantly eager to share. While I have always looked forward to our "Sunday Spin-ins" these crafty ladies will augment an already enjoyable adventure.



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