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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Navy Watch Cap

With the weather turning cooler dh approached, asking if I would knit him a Navy Watch Cap. Not real clear on what a "watch cap" was I surfed the web and found several free patterns. Though the colour was not traditional I had some dark brown Alpaca lying around waiting for a project. Feeling nostalgic, though I would not take my first breath for several decades after the pattern was made, I chose the Red Cross pattern. It makes better sense to me to use an original pattern whenever available, to lend to a more authentic project.

Because it is an old pattern there are references that are no longer available and when my fibre sister, EM, asked what I did to resolve the gauge issue, my reply was, that I did what I do best.....that's right....I ripped it. After knitting a few rows I tried the circumfrence in respects to my dh's head and found I needed approximately 20 stitiches less. I also used circular needles where they called to knit the first 6 rows on straight then transfer to double pointed needles. I can't work out why the pattern did not call for circular, were these needles not available in 1942?.

The pattern is a very basic rib, there aren't even any decreasing, so I can, as I mentioned in the previous post, work on this project while enjoying
Saturday Tea or watching TV, or any activity that does not require my hands.



Anonymous Kelli said...

Good luck with your Navy Watch Cap. It sounds like your initial gauge would have fit my dh's head rather well - yup, I often rip back to ADD stitches to his caps. I'm sure your dh will love it.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 2:40:00 PM EST  

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