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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dreams Realized

After six years of discussion, yearly demonstrations at our State Fair, the occasional demonstration at our public library, local knitting guilds, and even announcing our intention in an interview with our State newspaper, my dear fibre sister, EM and I are beginning to finally realize our dream. We now have a name, Congaree Fibre Arts guild, and are now one step closer to becoming official. The next step, already in the works as one of our very creative members is in the process of communicating our intentions with HGA, the Handweavers Guild of America.

Once listed with them we will have finally made it, as it were. I feel very blessed that we have such a wonderful group of creative ladies, but more importantly to be in the company of very caring and spiritual group. I see nothing but good things from our guild. I am looking forward to learning and sharing with one another resulting in nothing short of wonderful projects.



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