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Saturday, November 14, 2009

DH's Fibonacci scarf

Last winter, nearing the end of the season, dh asked me, after returning from a cold camping trip to Tenn., to knit a scarf to match the Red Cross watch cap I knitted him earlier that year. Being that it was so late in the season, with spring so close, I knew I had plenty of time before scarf weather would come back around. So I put planning that particular project so far back in my mind, that I nearly lost it...until a couple of weeks ago... and now here I am, with November offering a hint of what little winter we get here in the south, scrambling to get it finished before Christmas. It's funny how the more time I have to prepare for a project, knitting or any other activity, the longer I let it go because I just know I have plenty of time.

So I picked out the few remaining skeins of Alpaca purchased at SAFF some years back, that I had left after knitting the hat and decided to liven it up a bit by, not only choosing a rather unique pattern, but also a technique (Fibonacci) to simulate nature, since dh loves being out in it so. After all he will be wearing it while camping amoungst some of God's most beautiful creation (in West Va. and Tenn.) on caving trips. I just hope that between the ladder pattern and the variegated yarn it won't stray so far from the plain knit cap it is meant to be worn with. Well we will soon see.....

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