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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DH's scarf Finished

I finished DH's scarf and am fairly satisfied with the end result. As with any project I contemplate the calamities of the adventure that will ultimately become part of the end product, whether annulled, assimilated or embraced, I always hope to learn something from each attempted undertaking. As we all know, when we stop learning, we stop growing and once we think we no longer have anything to learn. life becomes tiresome.

The obvious lesson in this adventure was that variegated yarn does not lend well when trying to achieve a Fibonacci effect. Though my intended goal was not met, in that respect, it certainly is a one of a kind, and that makes it unique. Unique is rarely a bad thing.....

Since Onida is no longer allowed to assist with my knitting I wanted her to participate in some way and think she does a much better job at modeling than knitting.


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