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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Head Covering in Progress

This hardly looks like 50 some odd rows of work, but believe me, it is. Knitting with lace weight yarn is slow going but the results are beautiful. I am pleased with the work so far and while I still have to tink a row or two from time to time to correct a mistake, there is no more frogging. It took several beginnings that ended up in ripping the whole project out and starting over again but that is now past. I am finally confident, or perhaps no longer as critical as I once was, that my work is good enough. I have even accepted that small mistakes can go unnoticed in lace work, that does not mean I let them go but if I ever decide to, I could leave a minor mistake in, knowing now that unless someone goes over it with a magnifying glass it will not be obvious, and quite possibly go undetected all together. I really need to stop trying to be so perfect, as we know only God is perfect. Besides little mistakes make a project interesting, right...?


Monday, August 28, 2006

Our Recent Shopping Trip

Last Friday my fibre sister and I treated ourselves to a trip to Asheville to do a little shopping at Earth Guild, one of our favorite stores. The trip was intended to tide us over until SAFF which is held the end of October. I walked into Earth guild and barely moved passed the door before I had nearly exhausted all the money allotted for the trip. We spent several hours delighting in the unique texture of every kind of fibre in the store and looking through the patterns and books they have for sale. Like the proverbial "kids in the candy store", wide eyed, our conversation became limited to 'Oooh come look at this'.

Pictured is a sample of my purchase at Earth Guild, some absolutely beautiful mohair/silk yarn and a pair of "Monkey sticks" knitting needles, which I paid too much for. But we were treating ourselves so I was not going give too much time concerning myself with cost. "Beautifully hand crafted in Costa Rica of the finest tropical hardwoods. Warm and smooth, they feel great in your hands." Beside their aesthetic characteristics described in the quote you may note that the points are very sharp which lends to ease in knitting even the tightest work.

The sample project displayed using the yarn was so light and airy that you barely noticed the weight and the choice of colors was well represented. I can't wait to work with it.

An addendum to our trip, the next morning I checked my mailbox and found a flier from Earth Guild announcing a sale to take place the following weekend....oh well that's life.