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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One Down.....

....any excuse to post a pic of one of my furbabies...

Finally!, my first sock, finished. As I begin work on it's mate it becomes obvious that I did not do such a good job of recording what I did on the first one. I thought it would be nice to add a ribbed (all purl row) periodically down the leg, unfortunately I did not note how many rows between each so I am carrying around the completed one to go by. I do this all the time. I begin working on a pattern and consider altering it a bit, feeling sure I will remember what I did, and if I lay it down for any length of time I forget. But after so many years I doubt I will ever learn and start taking notes, that would be too easy. The purled row part is easy enough to work out, I can't wait until I get to the "turning of the heel"

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

And yet another Fibre Adventure......

This project may be a real test, not only of my patience, but my visual acuity as well. According to Teresa Layman Designs, "A finished rug has approximately 1100 knots per square inch when worked in single-strand Colonial knot and approximately 2000 knots per square inch when worked in single-strand French knot." .........What was I thinking?!!!! Oh well, approximately 500 down but at this point who's counting? Still, once completed, this piece will be worth every knot, at least that's my story...and I am sticking to it.

I have enjoyed embroidering though, even the french knots, since I began practicing this art back in the early 70's. I remember stitching colourful flowers and other designs on my bell bottom jeans and denim shirts.
More recently I began a nice piece that I initially intended for a pillow but now I think it would make an even nicer Pascha basket cover. It isn't exactly a traditional Russian design but I think it will work fine with spring flowers representing the expecting season Pascha brings in.
note the taped edges that look as if chewed by, perhaps a little flying squirrel. hmmmmm